Funworxx Publishing

Branding & Graphic Design, Retouching, Web design
About This Project

Funworxx Publishing creates resources that support parents, carers and teachers in assisting children from the ages of 3 to 6 in developing emotional intelligence, with the focus being learning through fun.

The main goal being to educate children on how to love themselves and others through letting go of fears, negative beliefs and unhealthy behavioural patterns and embracing compassion and understanding of each others differences. Nine characters were developed within the eneagram personality typing, each with their own story reflecting their personality and also including the other eight characters. Working closely with Funworxx Publishing, I designed the logo, book covers, website, perfected the illustrations and helped self publish two of the books.


  • Logo design
  • 9 cover designs
  • 2 book designs
  • Retouching illustrations
  • WordPress with e-commerce
  • Information architecture
  • WordPress training