Miscarriage Support Auckland

Branding & Graphic Design, Web design
About This Project

The Miscarriage Support Auckland project began as a book written by the two women who started the non-profit organisation. The original site was built in 2000 in HTML and much care was taken to ensure there was enough information for the public, without negating the need for a book.

Much has changed since the original site was built, now we have a responsive site that has over taken the book in content and can be viewed on all platforms. Support phone calls have reduced and a sense of privacy is obtained that might not have been possible talking on a phone.

Miscarriage is a delicate subject, which needs to be portrayed in a way which is informative, yet sensitive and very easy to navigate. Top of the list was easy access to vital information that could potentially save a life, then we addressed the top questions sourced from google analytics. The numbers of visitors continue to grow and ranks well in google. Social media has also contributed to increased numbers with sharing options on pages, a closed Facebook group and a Pinterest page as recent additions.


  • Logo design
  • Research & writing
  • Pamphlet design
  • User interface design
  • Information architecture
  • Responsive wordpress site
  • Pinterest setup & maintenance
  • SEO
  • IT support & site maintenance


“We are a small non-profit organisation dependent on minimal government funding, supporting women who have miscarried and the only group specialising in this. Julie became our web mistress and has been since 2000, becoming a supporter and, although she has not experienced a miscarriage, has given insightful and helpful advice when designing and updating our website. We regularly receive compliments on the set-up, especially about the easy access and clarity of information and people appreciate the question box. Many women are not functioning in their normal state after a miscarriage, so Julie’s ability to take that into account has been crucial to its success. We currently had 222,000 access our website last year and we are normally on top of ‘Google’ and on the first page on most other search engines. Julie is reliable, articulate, amenable to suggestions, leading when necessary, and has the ability to see the ‘big picture’. We could not have achieved the success we have had with-out her help and creativity. I feel she would adapt to situations and thoughtfully apply her knowledge to get the best result for whatever the project/job is that she takes on and would give it her best shot. Julie is discerning enough to remain objective when necessary but also able to put her views forward in a structured, perceptive and intelligent manner when required. She would be an asset to any company.”

Vonney Allan – Miscarriage Support Auckland